Our Procedure for Hiring on oDesk

I’ve been posting some pretty strategic content about business policies and procedures, and recently received a message from VideoFruit’s Bryan Harris on Twitter wanting to see...

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How I Hired a Woman to Hire Herself

This is a quick but valuable post. For many small business owners, the prospect of outsourcing sensitive tasks to people overseas is a daunting and intimidating prospect. If an...

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Could you franchise your Business?

For many first time entrepreneurs, buying a franchise is a popular choice when starting their business. The popularity of franchises has been growing steadily in Australia over...

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The truth about exits

Selling your business is an exciting prospect, but all exits are not created equal. It’s not uncommon to see headlines that tout acquisitions as an exciting end to an exciting...

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Kill your index.php

Although not all PHP frameworks are "Rails clones", the history of modern PHP frameworks really begins with the rise in popularity of Ruby on Rails. Until Rails started to gain...

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18 things I wish I’d known 7 years ago

This is a response to Rand Fishkin's blog post "24 things I know now that I wish I knew then" which is itself a response to Rae Hoffman's "Entrepreneurial Lessons: 48 Things I...

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When does automation become coding?

There has been spirited debate on Hacker News this morning following Jeff Atwood's post "Please don't learn to code". Let me start by saying that fundamentally I agree with Jeff...

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