Can You Share a Phone Number Across Two Mobile Phones?

7th September, 2023Insights

Sharing a mobile number across multiple devices might seem like an unfeasible concept for those accustomed to traditional telecommunication services. However, technological advancements are reshaping this paradigm, and BenkoPhone is at the forefront of this change in Australia. This article will delve into how BenkoPhone makes phone number sharing a reality, along with the pros and cons of such an approach.

Traditional Limitations

Tethered to One Device

Historically, a mobile number has been closely tied to a single SIM card, meaning you could only have that number active on one device at a time. This has made it challenging for teams to streamline communication.

Complexity of Call Diverting

While some businesses have resorted to complex call diverting schemes to get around this limitation, this approach often leads to increased costs and time delays, affecting both internal collaboration and customer service.

Breaking Free with Virtual Mobile Numbers

BenkoPhone offers a game-changing solution. This unique platform allows you to have a virtual mobile number that can be accessed from multiple devices simultaneously, whether they are smartphones or tablets. You can even use it from a computer, offering unprecedented flexibility.

Multi-User Access

This capability is especially beneficial for roles like tradies, property managers, and field technicians who often work in teams and need to share a common number for seamless communication.

Advanced Features

Beyond basic calls and texts, BenkoPhone also supports picture messages, an often-overlooked but crucial feature for many businesses.

Why Sharing a Number is a Big Deal

Streamlined Communication

Teams that share a phone number can also share the responsibility of answering calls and messages, ensuring that opportunities and crucial information are never missed.

Control and Compliance

For businesses, BenkoPhone ensures that all call and message histories are centrally stored. This is an invaluable feature for monitoring compliance and maintaining a high standard of customer service.

Risks and Challenges

Of course, sharing a number isn’t without its challenges. It necessitates clear communication protocols among team members and potentially complicates personal use of devices if not managed carefully. However, with advanced hosted PBX features provided by BenkoPhone, most of these challenges can be effortlessly managed.


Sharing a mobile number across multiple devices is no longer a pipe dream but a reality, thanks to services like BenkoPhone. The advantages far outweigh the challenges, offering businesses and teams an effective way to streamline communication, cut costs, and improve customer engagement. If you’re looking to take your team’s communication to the next level, experience the flexibility and features that BenkoPhone has to offer. Try it out for free now!

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