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“The ultimate office perk is not having an office” -- Matt Mullenweg, CEO WordPress

We all know that the key to scaling your business is to attract and retain the best talent while keeping costs as low as possible. Not having money tied up in expensive office space, allowing your employees the flexibility they desire to meet their life goals in addition to their work goals, and collaborating with people all over the world are all ways to achieve growth without a corresponding increase in costs.

But making that work isn’t as simple as jumping on Zoom with everyone once a week. Your business needs rigorous systems to capture and transfer knowledge, seamlessly communicate internally and externally, and keep your team engaged and accountable. 

At Benko our mission is to help businesses build remote teams that function more effectively than any in-person team ever could.



Manage your inbox, manage your priorities, ignore the distractions. Get clear from one dashboard and work from a zero inbox.



Gives teams the ability to collaborate on shared email addresses for a fraction the cost of other shared email systems, with advanced automation & task management.



All the power and flexibility of a cloud phone system with the ability to send and receive TXT and receive MMS messages on one mobile number.



Weekly productivity coaching for you and your team to learn how to manage your BenkoBoard using our “Task Shortlisting” methodology.



Automate workflows, minimise data entry and put the right checklist in front of the right person at the right time.



Build documentation into each action item & checklist, then outsource administrative support functions so you and your team can spend more time on your highest value work.

Customer Reviews

Neal Ashworth

Neal Ashworth

"I had never even SEEN an empty inbox before, let alone had one myself. I knew that I needed to change something in order to manage my sales funnel more effectively and keep track of important tasks but nothing I tried worked. Benko Board emptied out my inbox in a single afternoon. With a quick and easy way to prioritise tasks and communications all in one place I feel confident that I'm focusing on my highest value work every single day. Emails go to my task manager (Trello) where I can allocate priorities, tag colleagues, VAs and get other people working on getting me answers to the email so I can reply and action it."

Clare Long

Clare Long

"I am totally fanatical about customer service, so when I started to scale my business and even VERY little things "slipped through the cracks" it was VERY painful for me. I was trying to figure out how to maintain high levels of quality while I grew my team when I came across Benko Board. The setup was incredibly simple and within an hour, I was operating at "Inbox Zero" permanently and knew with 100% confidence that I wasn't missing any important emails. I can see the path now to achieving growth without sacrificing customer experience."

Matt Noffs

Matt Noffs

"It's a bit of a shock when you take a good look at your organisation's procedures below the surface. What appears to be a high functioning organisation can ultimately be something that still uses technology from the dark ages. To add to that, workplaces tend to be homeostatic and fear change. Of course this is compounded when external consultants come in and try to shift the embedded system. Iain and his team are like glass of cold water after you've struggled through a hot day. It hurts at first but after you're half way through you feel revitalised. Procedure People allow leaders to look at their organisations from a birds eye view and question existing systems and prepare for more efficient ones. As a CEO, having been through the fire, I can say it's a great feeling to kill off systems that don't work and start ones that do. That's a great feeling for leaders like me but it's also refreshing for teams too."

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