Top Business Apps for a Second Phone Number: The Ultimate Comparison

16th November, 2023Insights

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, having a second phone number is not just about convenience; it’s a strategic necessity. Australian businesses, in particular, have specific needs when it comes to telecommunication solutions. This article delves into the features of various second phone number apps, with a focus on how they cater to the unique requirements of the Australian market. Among these, BenkoPhone emerges as a comprehensive choice, particularly for its all-in-one communication capabilities.

Understanding the Australian Market

Unique Communication Needs

Australian businesses require reliable communication tools that align with local telecommunications standards and customer expectations. Features like call forwarding, voicemail, text (TXT), and multimedia messaging service (MMS) are vital.

Local Regulation Compliance

Compliance with Australian telecommunications regulations is another crucial factor, especially when considering number portability and network reliability.

Comparing Major Players


JustCall offers voice and TXT services, with a limitation on MMS (outbound only). While useful, this restriction might not be ideal for businesses requiring robust two-way multimedia communication.

AirCall and DialPad

Both AirCall and DialPad provide voice and TXT features. However, their lack of MMS support can be a significant drawback for businesses that rely heavily on multimedia messaging for operations.

8×8 and RingCentral

These platforms do not offer mobile numbers, which could be a limiting factor for businesses seeking a more mobile-centric approach.

The BenkoPhone Edge

Comprehensive Communication Suite

BenkoPhone is distinguished by its support for voice calls, TXT messages, and full MMS capabilities, making it the only virtual mobile app in Australia to offer such an all-encompassing range of services.

Designed for Collaboration

Especially beneficial for BYOD policies or companies providing staff with mobile phones, BenkoPhone allows for seamless team collaboration with shared access to a single business number.

Tailored for Australia

BenkoPhone is intricately designed to meet the demands of the Australian business environment, offering complete control over call and message history – crucial for maintaining compliance and oversight.

Advanced Hosted PBX Features

Unlike its competitors, BenkoPhone also provides advanced hosted PBX features, making it a superior choice for businesses requiring sophisticated telecommunication systems.


For Australian businesses in the market for a secondary phone number solution, it is essential to choose an app that not only fulfills basic communication needs but also aligns with the nuanced requirements of the Australian market. With its comprehensive communication suite, collaborative functionalities, and adherence to local standards, BenkoPhone stands out as the optimal choice.

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