Buying a Virtual Mobile Number in Australia: Everything You Need to Know

5th September, 2023Insights

When it comes to simplifying business communications, the concept of a virtual mobile number is steadily gaining traction in Australia. A virtual mobile number allows you to use a single phone number across multiple devices, streamlining communications and potentially saving on costs. But not all virtual mobile numbers are created equal. To ensure you make an informed choice, here's everything you need to know about buying a virtual mobile number in Australia, and why BenkoPhone stands out as the best option.

What is a Virtual Mobile Number?

A virtual mobile number is a phone number that isn't directly tied to a physical mobile phone. It operates over the internet, allowing you to send and receive calls and texts from any device that has an internet connection.

Features to Look For

When considering a virtual mobile number service, examine the following key features:

Call and Text Support

Most virtual mobile numbers support either calls and text messages, or TXT and MMS, but not all three. But the ability to send and receive MMS or picture messages can be a game-changer, especially for certain industries like real estate, facilities management, trades, construction, and account management.


Check if the virtual mobile number can be used on various devices, including computers and mobile phones. This adds to the convenience factor, especially if you're someone who frequently switches between devices.

Security and Control

Businesses often require an extra layer of control over their communications for compliance or data security reasons. Look for features that allow businesses to retain full control over call and message history.

Team Collaboration

If you need to share a single number among multiple team members, ensure the virtual mobile number service supports this. It can be a crucial feature for businesses that need to collaborate effectively.

Why BenkoPhone is Your Best Choice

BenkoPhone is the only virtual mobile number in Australia that ticks all the above boxes:

Comprehensive Communication

BenkoPhone supports voice calls, text messages, and crucially, MMS/picture messages. This makes it ideal for businesses and roles that require a diverse set of communication tools.


Whether you're on a computer or mobile device, BenkoPhone works seamlessly, giving you the flexibility to switch devices as needed.

Complete Control

Companies can rest assured that they have full control of and access to call and message history. BenkoPhone also offers advanced hosted PBX features that other services lack.

Built for Teamwork

One of the standout features of BenkoPhone is that it can be shared among team members. This is particularly beneficial for roles that require constant team collaboration, like property managers, field technicians, and sales staff.


Virtual mobile numbers offer an array of benefits for both individual users and businesses. They can simplify your life, cut down costs, and make team collaboration more effective. However, the market is crowded with sub-par options. For Australian users, BenkoPhone is a cut above the rest, offering unmatched features and flexibility for all your communication needs.

For more details and to make the switch, visit today.

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