Team emails in Trello from ANY device from just USD$139/year for unlimited users/boards*


Affordable, effective and scalable team email

If you need a shared email address (like support@, info@) you are currently either paying WAY too much for helpdesk software, or you’re tripping over each other sharing login details to the same email account.

BenkoBesk is a unique and collaborative team email experience. Connect your shared email to Trello, a powerful task and team management platform. Collaborate, automate and delegate customer communications from any device, anywhere in the world.


  • Send and receive emails directly from Trello cards
  • Clear visual Kanban board layout for your customer support and other shared email
  • Works across multiple boards
  • Simply add a member to your Trello board to give them access to a shared email inbox
  • Runs as a "bot" user, rather than a power up
  • Works on any device (web, desktop, mobile)
  • Powerful workflow automation with Butler or Trellinator
  • Flexible configuration to split email into separate boards based on Gmail filters

* Price per gmail account, excludes optional cost of Gmail and Trello user licenses. Unlimited email aliases allowed, only one outbound address per license. Gmail is not required to use this service, but if you need to forward email from another provider you will need to pay an extra USD$15/month for us to host a Gmail account for you.

Questions & Answers

How does it work?
BenkoDesk is a web application that connects Gmail to a powerful project management tool called Trello, so you can use Trello as your helpdesk software. You nominate a Gmail user in your organisation to be the "shared" account, and any email that sits in the Gmail primary tab for longer than 5 minutes will be automatically imported into a designated Trello list/board. The system has a pretty standard "out of the box" configuration but can be remapped to put emails into various boards/lists based on Gmail label. Once a card has been created, you can use text "commands" in the card comments to reply to the email. You can also create new emails from within Trello, send/receive/view attachments and automatically BCC in an address (like a CRM).
Will this work on my mobile or tablet device?
Yes, BenkoDesk runs in the background and so will work with any device and any mail client. Whichever mail client you use and whichever mobile device, you will be able to get push notifications and seamlessly move emails into Trello, where you can prioritise, collaborate and reply to them. Trello works well on any device.
I don't use Trello, can I still use BenkoDesk?
Even if you already use another system for project or job management, you can still use BenkoDesk. Many businesses use a project or task management tool in conjunction with helpdesk/shared email software such as ZenDesk, HelpScout or FreshDesk; this is no different. Once you're using BenkoDesk you might find it makes sense to bring more elements of your workflow into Trello.
Can I use BenkoDesk with a free Trello and Gmail account?

Yep, you don't need paid Trello or Gmail accounts to run BenkoDesk however if you're a high volume email user you will find that the quotas in your free Gmail account are exceeded in which case BenkoDesk will stop working. In that case, you can simply switch to using a paid G-Suite account which is billed separately to the BenkoDesk license. Likewise, you can use BenkoDesk with a free Trello account and, because it doesn't run as a powerup it doesn't take up one of your free powerups per board. If you do lots of automation with Butler, you will find that you need to upgrade to a paid Trello plan in order to get more command quota. Alternatively you can automate using Trellinator but this will only represent a cost saving in some cases since it's a coding platform and you may need to pay someone to write the code.

What about privacy? Will I have to give you access to my email?

BenkoDesk uses OAuth2 to access your Gmail account (including contacts) and Google Drive account for storing email attachments (and, in some cases, for migrating from previous Google Sheets versions of BenkoBoard and BenkoDesk). The permissions requested by the application do not include the ability to delete your email, but the application can read the email of the nominated account and send email from it. Note that this applies only to the shared/nominated Gmail account, not to all users of the system and/or their personal email. Your email content is never stored in any database and exists only in memory for long enough to process the messages. Your contacts are stored in a database, and this is for speed/performance purposes only (ie. caching). We do not send any communication on your behalf unless you have specifically issued commands to send messages from Trello cards. BenkoDesk and/or BenkoBoard's use of information received, and BenkoDesk and/or BenkoBoard's transfer of information to any other app, from Google APIs will adhere to Google's Limited Use Requirements. You can read more in our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

What if I don't like this? How do I stop using it and delete my account?

Because BenkoDesk uses OAuth2 to access your account, you can revoke access at any time through your Google account settings. The same is true for Trello: at any time, you can revoke access to BenkoDesk in the nominated Trello account. The only information that we store in our databases and on our servers are your configuration options/application settings and your contacts. When you revoke access to the application, these will not be automatically deleted, however you can email to ask for all information to be permanently removed. If you don't do this, then your configuration options/settings and cached contacts will be saved and still be there if you re-authenticate in future. There are no permanent changes to your Gmail or Trello account as a result of using this product. BenkoDesk does no delete any email. When BenkoDesk imports emails into Trello, it adds a label "BB_Inbox_Processed", so you can always see a list of emails that have been imported and move them back to your inbox (or anywhere else you want to in Gmail).

Who is behind BenkoDesk?

BenkoDesk is a product of Working Software Group Pty Ltd, trading as The Procedure People, an IT company specialising in business systemisation and automation. We are based in Australia but we have staff all over the world. We specialise in creating systems that allow people to collaborate asynchronously from geographically disparate locations. Drop us a line by email on or give us a call on +61 424 261 976.

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