Introducing The Procedure People Boring Business Show

9th January, 2015Insights

I can’t listen to any more interviews!!


Since Andrew Warner’s has been so successful, many people have created their own business interview shows using a very similar format …

… they’re all 1 hour long …

… they’re all video based …

… and they’re all unedited.

How can I possibly find the time to listen to all this content?

I can’t, is the answer. I don’t have the time.

Do you?

Didn’t think so.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that there’s a very limited cross section of businesses that will get airplay on these types of interview shows, namely those with high profile consultants or VC funded companies, or companies with big exits or millions of users or hockey stick growth … aren’t there more businesses than this?

Well, that’s what this show is all about. I want to find guests, who run businesses that aren’t hyped up, over the top, don’t have BIG EXITS, don’t have BREAKOUT REVENUES or HOCKEY STICK GROWTH or lots of VC FUNDING.

I want to interview solo founders and consultants, people running factories that import aluminium piping, businesses that sell umbrellas in pharmacies, people that own dog cleaning franchises, that run businesses you would never normally hear about because they’re TOO BORING…

… except that they’re not really boring.

They’re just too REAL to publish on tech crunch or mashable.

In fact, these businesses, and the women and men that run them, are the lifeblood of society in many ways. They’re the businesses that make sure we have all the stuff we need to go about our every day lives. They toil away largely in obscurity so that you and I have chairs to sit on, cars to drive, petrol to put in the cars, food to eat, clean puppy dogs and well written text ads on Google …

… and I find them fascinating!

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the very first episode of The Procedure People Boring Business Show: a monthly (hopefully) audio podcast which will:

  1. Interview businesses and entrepreneurs you would never normally hear about and;
  2. Deliver a full hour long interview in a 10 – 12 minute EDITED AUDIO podcast so you can get your fix and get on with your day

Sound good?


Here it is: our first guest is Kai Davis, an outreach and online marketing consultant from Portland, Oregon in the USA.

NB: You can also download the audio file from here

If you’d like to hear more then you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and sign up via email (a little popup will appear in the bottom right of the screen when you scroll down to leave a comment about HOW MUCH YOU LOVED OR LOATHED the show — added bonus: if you sign up for the email list you’ll also get 18 free business systemisation tips over the next 18 weeks absolutely free).

So, what did you think? Be brutal. Be honest. Be vocal. It’s indifference I can’t handle 😉

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