How to get my name to not show on caller ID?

28th August, 2020Insights

Hiding your name from caller ID is easy

It is pretty common nowadays to hear someone say “UGHHH! Don’t know that number, THAT CALL IS GETTING SCREENED!” For much of the history of the telephone, no one knew who was calling but now caller ID is a big issue that concerns every mobile user on the planet (5.15 billion people!). Individuals and businesses all over the world are struggling with how to manage this problem and often people opt to just hide the caller ID.

Caller ID is information generated  either by your phone or mobile carrier (or both) that tells the person receiving your call what number is calling. If that number is in their personal address book then it will show the corresponding name.

Turning off your caller ID is pretty easy, but there are some downsides to blocking your own ID, especially if you are a business. Let’s look at the basics first and then explore some better ways to deal with it:


  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap Phone
  3. Tap Show My Caller ID
  4. Switch the toggle from green to grey.


  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap Call Settings (Under Device).
  3. Tap Voice Call.
  4. Tap Additional Settings
  5. Tap Caller ID
  6. Tap Hide Number

And BOOM you are anonymous!

This can be great if you need to make a work call from a personal phone or you just want to remain anonymous on the weekend. Actually, the whole concept of having a “work phone” and a “personal phone” is pretty annoying. BenkoPhone has a solution to this!

By hiding your number, you reduce the chances of people taking your call or responding to your message. The solution is to receive organise and respond to all of your business calls and messages in a centralised location that multiple staff can access and refer to from anywhere in the world, without being tied to a bunch of different mobile handsets. We have developed a piece of software that does this inexpensively. See how we can transform the way your business can do mobile better. Check it out at

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