How to Hide My Number When Sending a Text Message?

19th August, 2020Insights

We often get asked how to hide a number when sending an SMS. There are ways to do this with a variety of bulk-messaging services.

Businesses often want to hide their number or to have the number come from an ID that can’t be replied to because they simply can’t handle the volume of return calls and messages. This creates a one-way communication that, in many cases, makes the sending of the message pretty useless in the first place!

BenkoPhone fixes all of this. BenkoPhone has been called the best business phone system in Australia – it is easy to use, cost-effective and finally creates a way to economically manage SMS and calls without messing about with a handset and fiddling with individual phone settings.

Using BenkoPhone, businesses can send messages out using bulk SMS gateways and then easily manage and process return calls and messages. BenkoPhone makes business SMS into a powerful tool to transform the way your business communicates. Check it out at

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