Does Google Voice Work in Australia?

19th August, 2020

Google Voice is a pretty cool VoIP (voice over IP) system. Like most VoIP services, it can be used for sending messages and making calls as well as forwarding numbers to other numbers. It gives you a way to manage all of your communication from one place. 

Sounds good right? Unfortunately, if you are in Australia, the best feature is not available. We cannot access the Google Voice Number feature which allows you to do all your business texting and calling through an alias number without giving away your own personal number. It is very sad this isn’t available in Australia as it is the best feature of the product!

As a result, business owners resort to using a “business mobile” that is ferried around the organisation like a hand grenade of organisational disaster. It often falls to the receptionist to manage the thing and it uses a heap of staff time and important communications can fall through the cracks.

Luckily, BenkoPhone has taken up the slack where Google Voice has let us down.

BenkoPhone does exactly what a Google Voice number does… but better.

Check it out to see how you can finally take control of your business calls and texts without it all being tied to a handset. For a free trial, head to

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