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Learn how to master our Task Shortlisting methodology and build a culture of consistency, accountability and initiative

BenkoZero is the evolution of email and task management. With one true inbox for all your internal and external communications, thoughts, ideas, plans and tasks, you and your team will always know you’re doing your highest value work.

What is Task Shortlisting?

When you hire someone to fill a job vacancy, you don't rank them all from start to finish, you create a series of shortlists, disqualifying large chunks of people as you go. Task shortlisting uses the same approach, but for tasks. It's an extension of the popular "Inbox Zero" and "Getting Things Done" methodologies and gives individuals and teams a concrete and re-usable way to stay focused and ensure they're always doing their highest value work.

Stop trying to "Get to Inbox Zero"

The term "Inbox Zero" refers to having no emails in your inbox. The common implication is that it's a state one achieves periodically as a result of having done everything they needed to do. This is not the way it was ever supposed to work, though. The real "Inbox Zero" methodology follows from David Allen's "Getting Things Done" and refers to a practise of emptying your Inbox every time you look at it. Obviously you can't simply do all tasks immediately every time you look at your Inbox, so you need a system into which your Inbox is emptied. Most proponents of Inbox Zero and GTD try to implement this system on top of existing email tools, however BenkoZero is specifically designed to work with BenkoBoard, and as such is a more powerful and easy to use system that allows you to live your life at "Inbox Zero".

Make BenkoZero part of your company culture

Most businesses teach people what they need to do at work, but very few businesses address how people should work. Meanwhile, everyone is trying to overlay "company culture" through team building and social activities. However these only address how people interact when they are NOT working. Very few businesses bother to instil a culture that guides how people should interact with each other when they ARE working, which is far more important to the success of your business. By standardising the way people prioritise and communicate internally, you not only enable people to stay focused on do their highest value work, you also open the door to easier remote working and collaboration.

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