Detailed and robust process documentation for remote teams to collaborate no matter where they are or when they’re online

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When your team knows just what to do and how to do it, they are equipped to handle the challenges that come with rapid business growth

Detailed procedures are not about micromanaging, they're about respecting everyone’s time and making sure they can complete their high value tasks regardless of where they are or when they’re online.

How standardised are your standard operating procedures?

"Standard Operating Procedures" are only truly standardised if they're being followed in the day to day operation of your business. This means they need to be delivered to your staff as and when they need the information, not something to be "read and remembered" during training/induction/on-boarding. Some processes and policies must be read and acknowledged prior to commencement, but the vast majority of procedures people need during their work day should be presented at the time they're required, as determined by some structured system of "triggers".


Standard operating procedures

External, internal and recurring triggers

Every time you write a procedure, policy or process document you should be thinking "how will anyone ever know that they need to read this?". The answer is simple: triggers. A trigger can be "External" (a phone call, an email, a customer walking into a shop), "Internal" (one person has finished their work and now it's time for someone else to pick it up and run with it) or "Recurring" (every X days/weeks/months, we need to do this task). By focusing on how and when a process is "triggered", you can ensure that you never waste your time writing policy and procedure documents that no-one will ever read.

Internal, external and recurring triggers

Good documentation changes all the time

Whether it's compliance documentation that people need to read before they start work, or procedures they follow on a daily basis, everyone needs to know with confidence that they're following the latest, most accurate and most correct version of the procedure. Using BenkoTeam mans that no matter when someone last completed a procedure, they will know exactly what has changed when it's changed, and will always have the most up to date information.

Your documentation should be evolving continuously

Are your core employees doing their highest value work?

Every business invests a lot of time and money in hiring the best staff, but in almost all businesses a significant percentage of the day to day work being done by those high value employees could be done by virtually anyone, anywhere in the world with a computer and an internet connection. It's not until you start to clarify, untangle and separate all the various tasks your staff are engaged in every day that you can determine which bits of work are really things that don't need to be done by members of your core, permanent staff

Highest value work

Got team?

If you've had challenges trying to outsource or scale your team with remote administrative support staff, we can help you find and train people who will support your brilliant in-house staff in doing their highest value work. Whether you need 1 or 2 people for a few hours per week, or you'd like to hire people full time and build an off-shore team, BenkoTeam can help you build and scale your remote operations.

We can help you hire a team

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