Business mobile numbers in an app.

No more BYOD.

No more 2nd work phones.

$49.95/month - unlimited calls, TXT and MMS


Business owners, sales, account management and operations staff no longer need to carry a second work phone to avoid using their personal number for business

Most Australian businesses either supply a second mobile phone or they have staff/owners using their personal mobile number for work. BenkoPhone is a cloud phone system that you can use for voice, TXT and MMS from any device, anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

BenkoPhone is a virtual mobile phone that you can use from your personal phone, computer or existing VoIP system. It's just like buying a separate business mobile phone, but it's completely virtual. Control who can contact you and when, keep control of your business contacts and communications, seamlessly collaborate, delegate and automate your mobile communications from any device, anywhere in the world.

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, BenkoPhone is just like any other mobile provider. You can port your number in and you can port it out. You retain ownership and control of the number. In fact, we highly recommend keeping your existing number. If you try to disseminate a new number to your staff, clients or prospects then you'll find that people still have the old number saved in their contacts and you'll keep receiving business calls on it. We recommend that you port your existing number into BenkoPhone and get a brand new number on a SIM that you can use to "start from scratch", giving this "truly personal" number to your close friends and family, and gradually giving anyone who contacts you on your BenkoPhone number access as required.

Can I use my existing VoIP provider?

You sure can! While we do partner with a VoIP provider to allow us to provide a seamless customer experience, we can also easily help you set up BenkoPhone using your existing VoIP provider if required. Some features may not be available on all VoIP providers, but if you require those features we are also able to help you set BenkoPhone up with both your existing provider and our partners to get the most out of the system.

Is this just the same as a Dual SIM phone?

Dual SIM phones have been around for a while and there's a reason they're not very popular: they don't really solve the problem. While they can allow you to have 2 numbers on one phone, they don't allow you to easily hand that number to a colleague while on holidays, you can divert calls but not messages, and not only that but since most popular phone models are not Dual SIM, a business looking to supply numbers to staff would still have to supply them with not only a SIM card but also a Dual SIM device. BenkoPhone is the best of both worlds: Bring Your Own Device with corporate controlled numbers that can be easily transferred between staff or accessed by more than one person at a time.

Is this secure?

It sure is! In fact, using BenkoPhone can reduce the risk of "SIM Jacking" attacks where hackers gain access to your SIM card to bypass 2 factor authentication, and ensure that all your staff communication is under the control of the company rather than being conducted on each team members' personal mobile number. Not only that, but our systems use SSL encryption to transmit all information over the internet and full disk encryption with secure cloud hosting for all online systems.

BenkoPhone customers love the product!

Stop using personal numbers for business and do "BYOD" right at your organisation now  with BenkoPhone

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