Build sophisticated, customised business systems in Trello that standardise operations, save money and enable growth

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Effective Staff Manual

Even the biggest, most detailed operations manual won’t make your remote team effective

Operations manuals are too often seen as an “employee on-boarding” item. Things that people are expected to read & remember. BenkoBot automation removes manual labour and systemises anything that can't be automated. Put the right checklist in front of the right person at the right time.

Minimise administrative overhead

Although BenkoBot has its roots as a Trello automation tool, it's actually a platform that can be used to create custom 2-way synchronisations between any online systems. You might like to export invoice data from Xero into your CRM, you might like to automatically email people when they enter their details into an online form, you might like to populate client information in QuickBooks online when you close a new deal in PipeDrive. The list is endless. Many "no code" platforms such as Zapier promise to remove barriers to creating these types of systems, and although they do a good job of some of the simple stuff, they fall short of expectations when you try to genuinely eliminate the "work from work". BenkoBot is a platform capable of delivering all the sophistication you need to genuinely automate your business, at a price tag that, in both the short and long term, comes in below that of the big "no code" platforms.

Minimise Overhead with Automation

Give your team certainty and clarity

No one likes making mistakes. Removing uncertainty and creating clarity enables people to focus on doing great work. Trello is a great tool for formalising workflows using checklists and Kanban boards, and BenkoBot is the best way to automate that so that every can be presented with just the right information they need, just when they need it. In short, the combination of BenkoBot and Trello will enable you to put the right checklist, in front of the right person, at the right time. Even though people fear that structured workflows will produce "robotic" workplaces, the opposite is true. Free people's brains from the drudgery of compliance and they can do their most creative thinking.

Clarity and creative thinking

Standardise operations and go beyond "staff on-boarding"

The myth of the "Standard Operating Procedure" still prevails. The truth is that there is no way you can have a "standard operation" if you're relying on people to read, remember and execute procedures they are only exposed to during "on-boarding". What really drives a standardised operation is the presentation of procedures to people as and when they need them. With BenkoBot, we can create workflows that integrate your "standard operating procedures" right into peoples' work environments and minimise the amount of material that you're expecting people to "read and remember".

Standardise operations

An open platform with an enterprise option

Although BenkoBot is a paid product, it uses an open source framework we created called Trellinator. Trellinator can be deployed as a standalone tool using Google Apps Script, all with freely available and well documented open source components. Your business systems will never be "held hostage" by BenkoBot. BenkoBot hosting offers enterprise grade reliability and support at an affordable price, but if you have advanced compliance requirements or need a well documented "disaster recovery plan", Trellinator has you covered.

Enterprise automation

Is this the end of high priced custom business software?

A revolution took place about 10 years ago in web development. WordPress dramatically reduced the cost of getting a beautiful and effective website created, and nowadays it's just a given that we can all get a decent website made for a fraction of what people expected to pay in the 2000s. The same thing hasn't occurred for "back office" software -- until now. BenkoBot is like "WordPress for workflow", giving your business a standard platform to create sophisticated and fully customised business systems that would have traditionally cost in the tens or hundreds of thousands for 1/10th of the cost. 

The end of high priced business software

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