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Ever get the feeling that you’re running your day according to someone else’s agenda?

BenkoBoard is a unique and collaborative email experience. Connect your Gmail account to Trello, a powerful task and team management platform. Seamlessly prioritise, delegate and complete tasks with greater focus, accountability and calm.

* Price per gmail account, excludes optional cost of Gmail and Trello user licenses. Not currently available for non-Gmail users

Customer Reviews

Neal Ashworth

Neal Ashworth

"I had never even SEEN an empty inbox before, let alone had one myself. I knew that I needed to change something in order to manage my sales funnel more effectively and keep track of important tasks but nothing I tried worked. Benko Board emptied out my inbox in a single afternoon. With a quick and easy way to prioritise tasks and communications all in one place I feel confident that I'm focusing on my highest value work every single day. Emails go to my task manager (Trello) where I can allocate priorities, tag colleagues, VAs and get other people working on getting me answers to the email so I can reply and action it."

Clare Long

Clare Long

"I am totally fanatical about customer service, so when I started to scale my business and even VERY little things "slipped through the cracks" it was VERY painful for me. I was trying to figure out how to maintain high levels of quality while I grew my team when I came across Benko Board. The setup was incredibly simple and within an hour, I was operating at "Inbox Zero" permanently and knew with 100% confidence that I wasn't missing any important emails. I can see the path now to achieving growth without sacrificing customer experience."

Matt Noffs

Matt Noffs

"It's a bit of a shock when you take a good look at your organisation's procedures below the surface. What appears to be a high functioning organisation can ultimately be something that still uses technology from the dark ages. To add to that, workplaces tend to be homeostatic and fear change. Of course this is compounded when external consultants come in and try to shift the embedded system. Iain and his team are like glass of cold water after you've struggled through a hot day. It hurts at first but after you're half way through you feel revitalised. Procedure People allow leaders to look at their organisations from a birds eye view and question existing systems and prepare for more efficient ones. As a CEO, having been through the fire, I can say it's a great feeling to kill off systems that don't work and start ones that do. That's a great feeling for leaders like me but it's also refreshing for teams too."

Questions & Answers

How does it work?

BenkoBoard is a web application that connects Gmail to a powerful project management tool called Trello, so you can use Trello as your helpdesk software. You connect your Gmail account, and any email that sits in the Gmail primary tab for longer than 5 minutes will be automatically imported into a designated Trello list/board. The system has a pretty standard “out of the box” configuration but can be remapped to put emails into various boards/lists based on Gmail label. Once a card has been created, you can use text “commands” in the card comments to reply to the email. You can also create new emails from within Trello, send/receive/view attachments and automatically BCC in an address (like a CRM).

Will this work on my mobile or tablet device?

Benko Board runs in the background and so will work with any device and any mail client. Whichever mail client you use and whichever mobile device, you will be able to get push notifications and seamlessly move emails into Trello, where you can prioritise, collaborate and reply to them. Trello works well on any device.

I don't use Trello, can I still use Benko Board?

Even if you already use another system for project or job management, chances are there is a gap it can't fill. Trello, in conjunction with our other automation packages, can fill that gap. So if you already use another system, we will help you determine how Trello and BenkoBoard can complement that system, however Trello is the only system that BenkoBoard works with so you have to use Trello, in order to use BenkoBoard.

I tried Trello and I didn't like it, does that mean I won't like BenkoBoard?

Chances are that when you tried Trello, the reason you didn't like it was because the notifications are too noisy, and it's hard to get a good idea of everything you are accountable for across all Trello boards in a way you can easily reprioritise. BenkoBoard fixes both of these problems. With these problems fixed, and in conjunction with our other automation packages, Trello becomes a transformational business management tool that is unparalleled in the productivity space.

What about privacy? Will I have to give you access to my email?

BenkoBoard uses OAuth2 to access your Gmail account (including contacts) and Google Drive account for storing email attachments (and, in some cases, for migrating from previous Google Sheets versions of BenkoBoard and BenkoDesk). The permissions requested by the application do not include the ability to delete your email, but the application can read the email of the nominated account and send email from it. Note that this applies only to the shared/nominated Gmail account, not to all users of the system and/or their personal email. Your email content is never stored in any database and exists only in memory for long enough to process the messages. Your contacts are stored in a database, and this is for speed/performance purposes only (ie. caching). We do not send any communication on your behalf unless you have specifically issued commands to send messages from Trello cards. BenkoDesk and/or BenkoBoard’s use of information received, and BenkoDesk and/or BenkoBoard’s transfer of information to any other app, from Google APIs will adhere to Google’s Limited Use Requirements. You can read more in our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

Can this do something really bad to my email like delete everything or send thousands of messages accidentally?

BenkoBoard never deletes email messages, it only moves messages and updates their labels in Gmail. BenkoBoard does send email messages but only attempts to re-send in case of error once every 5 minutes so even if there was some error that caused a message to retry it would not bombard someone relentlessly with thousands of messages.

Why is using Trello for email a good idea?

Because email is the dominant business messaging platform, people instinctively attempt to use it for all sorts of things it is not well suited to, such as prioritising tasks and collaborating with team members. Trello is better suited to collaboration and prioritisation. Email should be used to send and receive email messages, but not as a tool for project management. By getting you and your team out of email and into Trello, you set the stage for ongoing improvements in workflow and systems that will actually work, rather than having system after system "overlaid" on top of, and competing with, email.

If I put all my emails in a task system, don’t I have to do the same amount of work?

It’s true that prioritising your day doesn’t automatically reduce your workload, but putting all your tasks, communications and notes in a well structured system achieves a few key objectives. Firstly, it allows you to clearly prioritise your work to make sure that nothing truly important slips through the cracks, so you can feel comfortable focusing on your highest value work without interruption. Secondly it allows you to clearly identify where you spend your time and identify lower value, repetitive tasks that can be outsourced or delegated to other members of your team.

Who is behind BenkoBoard?

BenkoBoard is a product of Benko, an IT company specialising in business systemisation and automation. We are based in Australia but we have staff all over the world. We specialise in creating systems that allow people to collaborate asynchronously from geographically disparate locations. Drop us a line by email on or give us a call on 0424 261 976.

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